Protective Daddy Charming in flannel.
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Happy 29th Anniversary Les Misérables (8th October, 1985)

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To promote the Hong Kong season this December, Harbour City mall is holding a Phantom costume exhibit from September 30 to October 31, 2014. Brad Little was present during the opening. (x / x)

Javert's Suicide
John Rapson (u/s), Ramin Karimloo
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Javert’s Suicide - January 3, 2014

John Rapson (u/s), Ramin Karimloo

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In spite of his lengthy history with Les Mis’s various 25th anniversary productions (notably as the tour’s finest, foppiest, flamboyantest Bambam and Toronto’s nuanced, heart-breaking Grantaire), a lot of people have not been blessed enough to hear or see this golden baritone gift perform. 

Here he is, giving what is hands down the most stirring, emotionally charged rendition of Javert’s Suicide I’ve had the privilege of hearing. 

As you can hear in this posted audio, Rapson utilizes the recitative to great effect, taking as many opportunities as he can to inject his portrayal of a desperate Javert into each carefully delivered line before launching into a performance that, while retaining the same sense of loss and agony you can hear in the recitative, does not falter in clarity of diction, richness of tone quality nor in pitch accuracy. 

His skilled vocal placement (note the rich classical sound in the “reprieved” F4) contrast beautifully with his deliberate and precise pitch-bending (“who never doubted /all/ these years” and “as I /stare/ into the void” are particularly memorable examples) producing the uniquely haunting sound of a husk of a man breaking free of his former state of unwavering dedication and rigidity. 

All in all, it’s a beautiful performance, and just one of this versatile actor’s many heartbreaking characters.

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get to know me meme: two theatre shows ♦ once
↳ “Because to live, you have to love.” 

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Musical Genres: — Classics

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Thank you and farewell, Once.

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My Miss Saigon Gala Brochure giveaway is now finished.
Congratulations to the wonderful mademoiselledechagny, the lucky winner!

Thank you to all my lovely followers who entered, I wish I had a brochure to send to all of you, but unfortunately I do not. I will, however, pick another two of you…


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West End revival cast appreciation

Kwang-Ho Hong - Music of the Night

Dreaming the Dream

mademoiselle de chagny